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Advantages of Buying a Bike New

There a few major advantages to buying a bike new as opposed to buying a bike second hand.

New bicycles are more likely to have the latest technology incorporated on them as well as having the latest designs for safety, durability and comfort. This can easily be overlooked as all bikes have two wheels, brakes, seats, pedals, handlebars but there is an astounding amount of development across all parts of a bicycle over the last 10 years.

Most used bicycles will no longer have the original manufacturers warranty on parts and accessories.  New bicycles will come with warranties on parts that are usually for a longer length of time, often retailers will sell a new bike with service packages allowing your bike to stay in warranty for years.

You don't know the used bike's history. This is particularly of concern when buying performance and high performance bicycles, the more hands that the bike has been exchanged through the less you are likely to know about the bike's history. On high performance bikes that use carbon fiber and advanced alloys a hairline fracture in the frame from a crash or a drop can result in serious structural degradation and could end up hurting you and your pocket rather than saving you and your cash!

New Bicycle Technology

Examples of Bike Technology Development

  • Carbon Fiber Frames & Wheels - First introduced in the late 90's and have undergone a continual process of refinement since then.
  • Thermoplastic Frames - A new technology with promising prospects even thought its in its infancy.
  • Click in Pedals - Have replaced the inferior Toe - Clip pedals.
  • Saddle Design - New saddles are constantly being designed for safer and more comfortable such as the "noseless" saddle.
  • Suspension - A wide range of new and improved suspension technologies has been developed in recent years.
  • Wheels - Introduction of new materials that make wheels stronger, lighter and more aero dynamic than previous models.
  • Brakes - Coaster and caliper brakes have been superseded by disc and drum brakes that are safer and provide more stopping power.
  • Gearing - Bicycle gearing has vastly increased in its range of options and the precision of options available.
  • Trip Computers - are now a common accessory, and sometimes even a default feature of newer bikes.
  • Lights - Newer lights provide better visibility, longevity, durability and are lighter in weight.

The Personal Touch

Furthermore, buying a bike from a certified retailer can not only mean the benefit of added extra's like extended warranty and free servicing but the bike shop professionals will be able to help recommend, fit and customise your bike to suit YOU. Riding the wrong size bike, that is the wrong type of bike for your riding style can mean that your enjoyment & comfort is compromised.

Buying from your local bike retailer professionals is also a good way to get involved in the cycling community, whether it be racing or casual or any number of other events.

Finally, when considering your budget remember there are a plethora of bike brands, many of them are reputable world leaders in bicycle manufacturing that have an excellent selection for everyone no matter your price point.

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