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Keeping Up To Speed With Park Tool

Anyone into cycling knows that the world can change pretty quickly. Products come and go, technology advances – the pace of change is fast. Park Tool founders Howard Hawkins and Art Engstorm cottoned onto this in the early 1960s, when they began the business, which is based in St Paul, Minnesota. They recognised a need for more tools to service the ever-changing and complex bike maintenance market. Park Tool has since grown to become the world’s largest bike tool manufacturer, comprising almost 300 products in the range.

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The Park Tool range includes:

Repair Stands and Accessories, Wheel and Tire Tools, Cassette and Freewheel Tools, Chain Tools, Tool Kits, Replacement Parts, Hex Wrenches, Cleaners and Lube, Crank and Bottom Bracket and Pedal Tools, Multi Tools, Headset Tools, Frame and Fork Tools, Torque Wrenches, Brake Tools, General Purpose Hand Tools and Logo Clothing and Merchandise.

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