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Giovanni Pinarello the founder of Pinarello Cicli built his first bike at the age of 15 in the Paglianti factory. Giovanni Pinarello pursued his passion for bicycle racing in his early years whilst building bicycles for personal use. It wasn't until 1952 that Giovanni Pinarello took a chance, leaving his cycle racing career behind for bicycle manufacturing. Giovanni's Pinarellos where all ready renowned for exquisite engineering and build quality so with little time Pinarello's bikes where popular amongst the Italian cycling community. Pinarello has always had close ties with the bicycle racing community/teams sponsoring riders since its birth, this has helped to solidify Pinarello's renown as one of the best road/triathlon/time trail bike manufacturers in the world. Today Pinerallo still strives to create the perfect racing machine and is one of the worlds leading elite bicycle manufacturers.

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2013 Pinarello Road Bikes:

DOGMA 65.1 Think2, Dogma2 Carbon Carbon 60HM1K Torayca®, DogmaK Carbon 60HM1K Torayca®, DOGMA® 65.1 Think2 - Carbon Torayca® 65HM1K, FPDUE™ Carbon 24HM12K, FPQuattro™ Carbon 30HM12K, FPTeam™ Carbon 24HM12K, FPUNO Carbon 24HMUD, MAAT™ Pista Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 60HM1K, PARIS® Carbon Torayca® 50HM1.5K, PISTA™ Aluminium 6061 T6 Triple Butted, ROKH™ Carbon 30HM12K, ROKH™ Carbon 30HM12K.

2013 Pinaerllo Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

FT1™ Aerospace Carbon Torayca®, FT3™ Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 50HM1K, GRAAL™ Crono Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 60HM1K.

2013 Pinarello Cyclocross Bikes:

FCX™ Cross Disc Carbon 30HM12K.

2013 Pinarello Fixie Bikes:

TREVISO Aluminium 6061T6.

2013 Pinarello Flat Bar Road Bikes:

TREVISO Aluminium 6061 T6.

2013 Pinarello Vintage/Classic Bikes:

CATENA Acciaio CrMo - Vintage, VENETO CrMo Vintage.

2013 Pinarello Mountain Bikes:

Dogma XC Carbon 60HM1K Torayca®, Mantha Aluminium 6061 T6 Triple Butted.

2013 Pinarello Urban Bikes:

ONLY THE BRAVE by DIESEL - Aluminium 6061 T6 - Hydroformed - Aluminium Fork.

2013 Pinarello Youth Bikes:

FPZERO KidsBike Aluminium 6061 T6.

2012 Pinarello Road Bikes:

CATENA Acciaio, Dogma Carbon, Dogma2 Carbon, DogmaK Carbon, FPDUE Carbon, FPQUATTRO Carbon, FPUNO Aluminium, LUNGAVITA , Paris Carbon, Rokh Carbon.

2012 Pinarello Triathlon/Time Trial/Track Bikes:

PISTA Aluminium, XTRACK Carbon, FT1 Carbon, FT3 Carbon, GRAAL Carbon.

2012 Pinarello Cyclocross Bikes:


2012 Pinarello Fixie Bikes:


2012 Pinarello Flat Bar Road Bikes:

TREVISO Aluminium.

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