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Reid Cycles was founded by James Reid, a cycling enthusiast with the aim of providing cyclists with a great quality bike at an unbeatable price. Reid Cycles is unique in that it's one of the only bike brands in Australia to sell direct to the public at wholesale prices. As many people know finding a good quality and affordable bike is almost impossible. Usually the only option having to pay $1000+ at a bike store and for most looking at getting into the sport or those wanting a basic commuter bike this is quite unreasonable. We are able to offer unbeatable prices by cutting out the middlemen as well as minimizing our overheads. When you buy from the shop normally the bike has gone from the manufacturer to the owner of the brand, they usually sell to a distributor who then then sells to a shop, who then sells to a customer. As you can imagine each person along the way is paying their staff, rent, advertising etc. then making their profit on top. Its easy to see why its so expensive. We however order in bulk directly from our well established manufacturer in China who produce approximately 4 million bikes per year and we then sell our bikes direct to the public providing our customers with a great bike at an unbeatable price. Our research proves that we can supply bicycles about half the retail cost of bikes with similar specifications. We have an office in Ningbo, China where our staff physically oversee all our manufacturing for quality control as well as creating relationships with major manufacturers. We are in constant contact with major manufacturers in China and Taiwan to develop the best bikes we can at the best price for our customers. We have good relationships with major manufacturers such as Shimano, Tektro, Mavic wheels, Velo saddles, FSA, Lasco chain wheels, Kenda tyres, Zoom, Promax, Formula hubs, Quando hubs, VP and Alex rims to name a few.

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2014 Reid Road Bikes:

Condor Road Bike, Aquila STI Road Bike, Osprey Road Bike, Osprey Elite Road Bike, Reid Falco Sport Road Bike, Reid Falco Advanced Road Bike, Reid Falco Elite Road Bike, Reid Falco Elite with Mavic Askium Wheels.

2014 Reid Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Condor Flat Bar Road Bike, Osprey Flat Bar Road Bike.

2014 Reid Folding & Portable Bikes:

Dahon SUV 6-Speed

2014 Reid Fixie Bikes:

Reid Griffon, Reid Griffon - Custom, Reid Harrier, Reid Harrier - Custom, CREATE Originals, CREATE Coaster, CREATE C8 Fixed.

2014 Reid Cruisers:

Reid Beach Cruiser

2014 Reid Classic Style Bikes:

Vintage 7-Speed Mixte, Vintage Classic Singlespeed, Vintage Ladies 6-Speed, Vintage Ladies 7-Speed Lite, Vintage Ladies 3-Speed Deluxe.

2014 Reid Urban & Commuter Bikes:

Reid City 1.0 Bike, Reid City 2.0 Bike, CREATE C8 Geared.

2014 Reid 26" Mountain Bikes:

Reid City 1.0 Bike, Reid City 2.0 Bike, CREATE C8 Geared.

2014 29er Mountain Bikes:

Reid X129er Mountain Bike, Reid X229er Mountain Bike.

2013 Reid Road Bikes:

Condor, Aquila STI, Osprey, Osprey Elite, Falco Sport, Falco Advanced, Falco Elite.

2013 Reid Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Condor, Osprey.

2013 Reid Hybrid Bikes:

City 1, City 2, X126 Urban MTB, X226 Urban MTB, X129er Urban MTB, X229er Urban MTB.

2013 Reid Mountain Bikes:

X126 Off-Road, X226 Off-Road.

2013 Reid 29er Bikes:

X129 Off-Road 29er, X229er Off-Road 29er.

2013 Reid Fixie Bikes:

Create, Beach Cruiser, Sea Shepherd Cruiser, Griffon, Griffon (custom).

2013 Reid Classic Bikes:

6-Speed, 6 Speed (Special), Singlespeed, Singlespeed (Special).

2013 Reid Folding Portable Bikes:

Dr Hon by Dahon.

f you have any specific questions about Reid bicycles, the Reid bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Reid Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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