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The Lowdown on Road Bike Frames

It’s fair to say that most road bikes are made for speed. As such, the lighter the better. When it comes to the actual design of a road bike, it is basically shaped by relaxed, intermediate or aggressive frame geometry.

Road Bike Frame

Below is a list of the most common types of road bike frames available:

Carbon Road Bike Frames

The beauty of carbon is that it can be shaped into almost any form and is super lightweight yet strong. These features are in part why carbon is one of the more expensive option in terms of materials.

Titanium Road Bike Frames

This is the increasingly popular option for road bike material. An impressive strength-to-weight ratio makes it super light yet stiff however, such features tend to come with a price tag!

Steel Road Bike Frames

The pros are that steel frames are relatively inexpensive, strong and easy to work with. The con is that they are quite heavy, making them less competitive for those seriously into their road bike riding.

Alloy Road Bike Frames

In contrast to steel frames, alloy frames have a lower density and strength however, they do have a better strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them the usual preferred option over steel frames.

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