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Road Bike Overview

Road bikes are the lightweight speed demons of the bike family. Built for performance, everything else comes second. If you enjoy the thrill of riding at speed or love the adrenalin of racing then look no further this bike is for you. Road bikes often represent the pinnacle of cycling technology featuring lightweight carbon fiber frames, high pressure slicks, drop down handle bars and aggressive riding positions. Road bikes can be very technical due to the large range of gears and clip-in cleat pedals. If you are after comfort or are a beginner rider then road bikes aren't for you. Because of the lightweight frame and the many moving parts road bikes are quite fragile and have an increased potential for something to go wrong.

See mountain bikes for more information on comfortable all rounder style bicycle.

Characteristics of Road Bikes

  • Light frames.
  • Larger 700c size wheels.
  • Generally come with 20 gears.
  • More fragile than other bikes.
  • Designed so that the rider is leaning forward on the bike in a more aero dynamic position.
  • Only suited for road riding.

Choosing Road Bike

Road Bike Brands

There is a huge variety of road bike brands available on the market that manufacture bikes for beginners to professionals. Many of the high end road bike manufacturers specialise solely in road bike production. The list below lists popular road bike brands.

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