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Scooter Overview

Scooters, more commonly defined as kick scooters or push scooters where first designed in the early 1900's. The design of scooters has essentially remained the same, that being a deck with two wheels and T shaped handlebars that connect to the front wheel and the deck. Traditionally scooters where intended for young children as smaller kids bikes where not readily available, they featured small spoked wheels and a wide, often wooden deck. The modern scooter however has small solid wheels, an aluminum frame, a slender deck and a brake lever located over the rear wheel. The popularity of scooters in recent years has soared and the age group has been expanded to include adolescents and even adults.

Scooters are powered by kicking or pushing off from the ground with one foot while the other foot is planted on the scooter's deck whilst holding the handlebars at the same time for balance and steering.

Because of the small solid wheels, scooters are only suited for use on paved surfaces. There are some off-road scooters with small spoked wheels that are better at tackling off-road tracks, but this type of scooter isn't very common.

Characteristics of Scooters

  • Powered by pushing along the ground with foot.
  • Easily compactable and stored.
  • Lightweight and slow.
  • Simple design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and reliable.


Scooter Brands

There is a wide range of scooter brands available, bellow is a list of popular scooter brands:

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