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Scot Breithaupt, the founder of Scot Enterprises A.K.A. SE Bikes developed his passion for BMX riding at the age of 14 years old when he created the "Bicycle United Motocross Society" and produced the first California State Championships in 1972. In 1997 SE Bikes produced their first bike the "STR -1." Perry Kramer, SE Bikes top BMX rider at the time made a factory modification to the STR -1 and adopted it as his own and dubbed it "PK Ripper." SE's PK Ripper is probably the most famous, if not one of the most famous BMX bikes of all time. Today SE Bikes continues to develop new and innovative bikes for BMX enthusiasts all over the world. Since Scott Enterprises founding SE Bikes has mainly produced BMX bikes, how ever in recent years they have moved to designed and manufacture classic & old school style bikes.

"1977-2013 It's been a fun ride and it feels like we're just getting started...." -SE Bikes Website

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2014 SE BMX Bikes:

Everyday, Floval Flyer 24", Gaudium, Heavy Hitter, Hoodrich, Lil Ripper 16", Mini Ripper, PK Ripper Elite, PK Ripper Elite XL, Quadangle Looptail, Ripper, Ripper Jr, Ripper X, So Cal Flyer 24", Wildman.

2014 SE Fixie Bikes:

Draft, Draft Lite, Lager, Tripel.

2014 SE Cruiser Bikes:

Big Style 29", Rip Style Women's 26".

2014 SE 26" Mountain Bikes;

OM Flyer 26", PK Ripper Looptail 26".

2014 SE 29er Mountain Bikes:

Big Ripper 29".

2014 SE Kids Bikes:

Bronco, Bronco 16", Floval Flyer Looptail 24", Soda Pop 24".

2013 SE BMX Bikes

20" PK Ripper Looptail, 24" Floval Flyer, 24" Floval Flyer Looptail, 24" So Cal Flyer, 26" OM Flyer, 26" Primetime, 29" Big Ripper, 29" Quadangle Looptail, Everyday, Heavy Hitter, Hoodrich, Mini Ripper, PK Ripper Elite, PK Ripper Elite XL, Ripper, Ripper Jr., Ripper X, Wildman.

2013 SE Fixie Bikes

Draft, Draft Lite, Lager, Tripel.

2013 SE Cruiser Bikes

29" Big Style.

2013 SE Kids Bikes

16" Lil Ripper, Bronco, Bronco 16", Soda Pop 24".

2012 SE BMX Bikes

PK Ripper Team XLP, PK Ripper Team, Ripper X, Ripper Jr, Mini Ripper, 24" Floval Flyer, So Cal Flyer, Ripper, 16" Lil Ripper, Freestyle Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Mini, Bronco 16", Soda Pop 20, Soda Pop 24, Heavy Hitter, Hoodrich, Everyday, Wildman, Quadangle, 26" Quadangle Looptail, 29" Quadangle Looptail, 26" OM Flyer, 29" Big Ripper.

2012 SE Fixie Bikes

PK Fixed Gear, Crooks & Castles PK Fixed Gear, Lager, Draft Lite, Draft, Draft Coaster.

2012 SE Cruiser Bikes

29" Big Style, Rip Style Men's, Rip Style Women's.

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