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Self Guided Cycling Tour

Cycling Tours That Are Self-Guided

Not really into commitment? Prefer to call your own shots? Self-guided cycling tours sound like just the thing for you.

The beauty of a self-guided cycling tour is firstly, you make all the decisions. Where you go, where you stay, when you go there, how long you go there for, the types of bike routes you’ll take, whether or not you’ll consider last-minute changes or detours – the power is with you.

Self-guided biking tours usually mean you can pack plenty into your time away. Don’t mind a bit of kayaking? Quite keen to take advantage of those sales? Interested in visiting a local farm and seeing how the regional cheese is made? Not a problem – you can incorporate all this and more because you’re the one making the biking plans!

Wherever you go, whatever riding you do, we hope you have a ball on your self-guided cycling tour!

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