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Shift brake levers basically enable you to break as well as change gears using the same device. Otherwise known as dual control levels, shift/brake levers enable you to apply brakes by squeezing your hand, or change gear by moving your thumb or finger

The type of bike you ride will dictate the type of shifters you have.

Road Bike Shifters

Road bike shifters slow or stop a bike with a downward facing brake lever. By pulling the lever in towards yourself, you essentially squeeze on the brakes. To change gear, simply push the gear levers inwards. The right lever will activate the rear derailleur and the left lever will activate the front derailleur.

Road Bike Shifters

Mountain Bike Shifters

In contrast to road bike shifters, mountain bikes use a horizontal brake lever and what is referred to as a ‘rapid fire’ gear changing system, which comprises three levers and is fixed to the flat handlebars. Two of these levers are located close to your thumbs, so when they are pressed they change the gears to a lower or higher ratio. The third lever works the brakes, and is found in close proximity to the fingers.

Mountain Bike Shifters

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