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It is nigh impossible to ride and not be aware of Shimano.

Indeed, Shimano Inc was founded in Japan in 1921 and is now a multinational company owning 50 per cent market share of bike components, with the range spanning bike shoes, wheels, brake systems, drivetrain components, pedals and sunglasses.

High quality Shimano group sets usually include the crank set (cranks and chain rings), bottom bracket, chain, cassette/freewheel, front and rear wheel hubs, gear shift levers, brakes, brake levers, derailleur/brake cables, front and rear gear derailleurs.

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Dura Ace really sits atop the Shimano group set range for road bikes thanks to the superior responsiveness under pressure and weight. However, the full Shimano group sets for road bikes are:

  • Dura Ace
  • Dura Ace Track
  • Ultegra Di2
  • Ultegra + Ultegra 105
  • Tiagra
  • Sora
  • 2300
  • Flat handlebar
  • Cyclocross

XTR sits atop the Shimano group set range for mountain bikes thanks to their high performance, minimal weight, responsiveness and reliability under pressure. The full Shimano group sets for mountain bikes are:

  • XTR
  • New Saint
  • ZEE
  • Deore XT – Dyna-Sys
  • SLX – Dyna-Sys
  • Deore
  • Alivio 9 speed

Also available from Shimano:

Comfort bike:

  • Alfine + Alfine 11 speed
  • Nexus, Nexus inter8 + Nexus Inter3

BMX bike:

  • DXR

Shimano also offers a range of wheel sets for road, mountain and recreational use.

Shimano Wheelset

Shimano Road Bike Wheel Sets

At the top of the range for road riders are the Dura Ace wheel sets, in which there are five different models available. Dura Ace wheels sets focus on speed, minimum weight and stiffness to achieve the maximum efficiency and power output for road racers.

Dura Ace Wheels:

  • WH-9700-C50-CL
  • WH-7900-C50-TU
  • WH-7900-C35-CL
  • WH-7900-C35-TU
  • WH-7900-C24-CL
  • WH-7900-C24-TL

The next level of road wheels are the Ultegra wheel sets, which offer two sets of wheels within the range. These wheels have proven Dura Ace technologies with slightly less exotic materials used in order to make them affordable as well as fast.

Ultegra Wheels:

  • WH-RS80-C50-CL
  • WH-RS80-C24-CL
  • WH-6700

Lastly Shimano offers a Road Sport Range of wheel sets for recreational/training/daily use. Within this range there are four different models from which to choose. These wheels also integrate Dura Ace technologies however, the materials used allow for a more economical price point.

Road Sport Wheels:

  • WH-RS30-A
  • WH-RS20-A
  • WH-R501
  • WH-R501-30

105 Wheels: - WH-560

Shimano Mountain Bike Wheel Sets

At the top of the range mountain bike wheels are the XTR series, within which there are three XTR wheel sets – XTR, Deore and Mountain Sport. The XTR Wheel Sets have been developed to be lighter in weight and engineered to withstand both braking and lateral forces. XTR wheels deliver sound design, durability, clean appearance and bombproof bearings as well as compatibility with tubeless and standard tires.

XTR Wheels:

  • WH-M985-F
  • WH-M9855-R
  • WH-M988-F15
  • WH-M988-R
  • WH-M985-F15
  • WH-M988-R12

Next in line are the Shimano Deore XT wheel sets. In this range there are four sets of Shimano Deore XT wheels from which to choose. Shimano Deore XT Wheels Sets inherit the proven XTR design while expanding the range for different riding styles and terrain. Shimano Deore XT wheels feature tubeless/standard tyre compatibility in all four models.

Deore Wheels:

  • WH-M785-F15
  • WH-M785
  • WH-M788
  • WH-MT75

Shimano Mountain Sport wheels sets round off the mountain bike wheel range with five sets of wheels from which to choose. Shimano Mountain Sports wheels are designed to offer great features and great value. With both the 26" and 29" wheel available as well as compatibility with disc brakes and V-Brakes they are designed for serious off-road fun.

Mountain Sport Wheels:

  • WH-MT65-6BOLT
  • WH-MT65-F15
  • WH-MT55
  • WH-MT55-F15
  • WH-MT15
  • WH-T565

Shimano Shoes

Bike Riding Shoes

Shimano offers a top of the range road riding shoe called The Road Competition series. There are seven different shoes within this range (two of which are custom-fit) and all shoes combine the three most important properties of a competitive racing shoe: Stability, Rigidity and Light Weight.

Shimano then offers The Road Sport series of shoes which has five styles of shoe within its range and once again embodies the three most important properties of a competitive racing shoe: Stability, Rigidity and Light Weight, with the added bonus of being less expensive.

The next range of Shimano shoes are the Road Touring series which offers three different shoes specific to road sports/touring riding. The RT-Series will appeal to a wide range of cyclists who want a lightweight and versatile SPD shoe/pedal system for all-around riding, touring and fitness cycling. These models use the recessed MTB-style SPD cleat for off-the-bike walking comfort.

Lastly in Shimano’s road shoe category is the Triathlon Series shoes. Within this series there are three models which are designed for the demands of the Triathlon/Multi-Sport competition. These shoes include good ventilation, seamless interiors and quick drying mesh for increased comfort when riding without socks. All models are designed to help you make faster transitions, more efficient pedalling strokes while still maintaining a high level of comfort.

Shimano Mountain Bike Riding Shoes

Within the mountain bike range there is an assortment of shoes to choose from. At the top of the range are the Mountain Competition shoes, also known as the M-Series. There are four different models of shoes in this range which are intended for MTB enthusiasts. These shoes are created to be efficient, well fitted, stable and durable to suit the style of high-level off-road performance. Mountain Sport shoes are the next range of Shimano Mountain biking shoes and consist of seven different models. These shoes are intended for competitive riders, off road riders, touring riders and fitness enthusiasts. These are a high quality, versatile off road riding shoe. There are two models available in each of the All Mountain/BMX as well as Indoor Cycling range.

Shimano also manufacturers pedals and eyewear.

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