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Wham, Bam, Thank you, SRAM!

In the late 1980s three men founded a company called SRAM, an acronym for each of their first names – Scott, Ray and Sam. The company was founded in Chicago, USA, and remains privately held to this day. SRAM shows no signs of slowing growth – in recent years the company has purchased a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Germany and invested in Sachs Bicycle Company. This is the brand that brought us the Grip Shift (or twist shift) gear-change method, which first came onto the MTB market in the late 1980s when the company was still in its infancy. The Road Bike market has not been neglected either, with SRAM’s creation of the “Double Tap” gear changing system, which enables the rider to change gears using one lever only, by half-pressing to change down and full-pressing to change up.

SRAM Groupset

SRAM currently has five road bike group sets:

• SRAM Red
• SRAM Force
• SRAM Rival
• SRAM Apex
• S Series

And seven MTB group sets:

• XX1
• XX01
• XX
• X0
• X9
• X7
• X6

The SRAM Wheel range includes:

Rise Wheels – SRAM Rise 60 Wheels, SRAM Rise 40 Wheels
Roam Wheels – SRAM Roam 50 Wheels, SRAM Roam 60 Wheels
Rail Wheels – SRAM Rail 50 Wheels

SRAM Wheelset

SRAM also has an accessories line of products which includes bar tape, derailleur jockey wheels, chain rings, gear cables, valve extenders, wheel bags, wheel skewers and rim tape.

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