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Surly Bikes Overview

Surlys bicycles have a somewhat peculiar feature in that their tyre sizes are slightly oversized, because of this trait Surly Bikes has a small cult following, the oversized tyres allow the bicycle to excel in riding in difficult terrain such as sand and snow. Almost nearly all of the Surly Bike range is produced in high quality chromatic steel, the frames are manufactured in Taiwan before the finishing touch are made in the United States. Not only does Surly Bikes produce bicycles but they also offer a wide range of bicycle components from mechanical components such as sprockets and drivetrains to accessories such as saddle bags and pannier racks.


2014 Surly 26" Mountain Bikes:

ECR, Instigator 2.0, Pug Ops, Pugsley, Troll.

2014 Surly 29er Mountain Bikes:

Karate Monkey, Krampus, Moonlander, Ogre.

2014 Surly Fixie Bikes:

Cross-Check SS.

2014 Surly Road Bikes:

Cross-Check, Pacer, Straggler.

2014 Surly Touring Bikes:

Disc Trucker, Long Haul Trucker.

2013 Surly Bikes

Moonlander, Neck Romancer Pug, Pugsley, Cross-Check SS, Cross-Check, Pacer, Ogre, Troll, Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, Big Dummy, Krampus, Karate Monkey. bb

2012 Surly Bikes

Moonlander, Pugsley, Black Ops Pugsley, Ogre, Troll, Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, Trucker Deluxe (frame), Karate Monkey, Big Dummy, Pacer, Cross-Check, Steam Roller, 1x1 (frame).

2011 Surly Bikes

Long Haul Trucker, Karate Monkey 29er (frame), Karate Monkey, Pacer, Cross-Check, Steamroller, Pugsley, Long Haul Trucker Deluxe (frame), Troll (frame), 1x1 (frame).

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