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Tandem Bike Overview

Tandem bikes are bikes that are modified to seat more than one rider. Most tandem bikes are built for two riders and come in a variety of frame types suited for different riding styles. The common frame styles are; Mountain bike frames with single or dual suspension, Touring bikes frames that have plenty of storage capability and flat bar road frames. Depending where you wish to ride your tandem bike will change the style of tandem bike you need.

Most tandem cycles allow all riders to pedal along in unison however there are tandem bikes that just feature a seat, handlebars and a platform to place your feet, for riders other than the driver. These bikes are usually designed for riding with small children or people with disabilities.

Tandem bikes are heaps of fun and are perfect for families, couples or people with disabilities. So if you want to share your cycling passion why not look into tandem bikes!

Characteristics of Tandem Bikes

  • Designed for two riders on the one bike
  • More efficient than a standard bike with two riders
  • A fun and safer way for people with disabilities to enjoy cycling
  • Generally set up for paved roads

Tandem Bike

Tandem Bike Brands

When it comes to tandem bikes there are really only a couple of manufacturers that manufacture tandem bikes in any great number, see the list below for suggested brand tandem bikes.

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