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Tools and bike maintenance/ bike repairs go hand in hand! Some of the most popular tools you should consider as part of your go-to supply include:

Bike Tools

Tyre Levers

Tyre levers – these are the plastic levers that help to prise a tyre from the wheels. Normally two levers are needed to be effective. Simply place the levers a few centimetres apart from each other, inserting them in-between the tyre and the wheel. By applying pressure on the end of the levers that is not inserted into the wheel, you start to wedge the tyre off and therefore the tube out. And then begins the job of changing the flat… Just don’t leave home without your tyre levers!

Allen Keys

An Allen key set is like a travelling McGuiver kit; it can help get you out of all sorts of bicycle hiccups. Using Allen keys you can adjust many parts of a bike – from brakes and seats to head sets and derailleurs.

Adjustable Wrench

This comes in handy especially for those older and therefore potentially more set-in-their-ways bikes! You can call on an adjustable wrench for making changes to head set placement, tightening brakes, adjusting the seat post, removing wheels and pedals, etc.

Bike Stand

This is probably only appropriate for the more serious bike mechanic enthusiasts amongst us, but is a great tool to have if you do enjoy making your own small repairs and need easier access to various sections of the bike.

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