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Track Bike Overview

Track bikes where originaly designed for the sport of velodrome racing. Track bikes are based on the road bike frame hence the similar silhouette. There are however three major differences between the two bike types. Track bikes have a single speed, a fixed wheel and no brakes, where as road bikes have brakes and multiple gears with a free spinning wheel. Track bikes have no brakes because the rules of velodrome racing require the bike not to have any.

Because track bikes are built for speed and are hard to stop they are really only suited to the velodrome track. A popular rendition of the track bike is the fixie bike, fixies have a fixed wheel and just one gear much like a track bike but the difference is that they have brakes.

Characteristics of Track Bikes

  • Light frames
  • Larger 700c size wheels
  • No Brakes
  • No free wheel
  • Can buy street fixies with brakes

Felt Track Bike

Track Bike Brands

Below is a list of popular track bike brands.

  • Search for Apollo Track Bikes.
  • Search for Avanti Track Bikes.
  • Search for Felt Track Bikes.
  • Search for Fuji Track Bikes.
  • Search for Giant Track Bikes.
  • Search for Specialized Track Bikes.

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