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TrialsBike Overview

Trials bikes are built for the sport known as 'trials'. Trials riding requires the rider to ride through an obstacle course as fast as possible without placing any feet or hands on the ground. Trials bike riders a scored based on how fast they navigate through the course and how many times they touch the ground. The best possible score is a 0, meaning a clean and quick run. The sport is extremely demanding requiring high levels of bike handling skills. Trials riding has a direct correlation to the motorcycle trials sport and is said to have been invented by a motorbike trials rider. The sport is particularly popular in its country of origin, Spain.

Trials bikes look similar to BMX bikes that have no seats, however there are some more subtle differences. Trials bikes have wide rims, heavily treaded tyres and extremely good brakes.

Characteristics of Trials Bikes

  • Basic frame similar to a BMX frame
  • Strong frame and wheels
  • No seat
  • No gears

Trials Bike

Trials Bike Brands

Due to the niche market that is trials riding in Australia trials bikes are far and few and are often custom built or made by small independent manufacturers.

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