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Tricycle Overview

Tricycles are great load carrying bikes and are a popular choice for people with disabilities. Tricycles come in a great range of shapes and sizes. Most tricycles have everything you would expect from a normal full size bicycle with the added benefit of an third wheel which increases the stability of the bike exponentially.

Tricycles are also a common choice for toddlers and the elderly as they are one of the safest bikes on the market due to their inherit stability.

Characteristics of Tricycles

  • Three wheels
  • Easily balanced
  • Brakes
  • Gears
  • Often have a storage basket at the rear
  • Can buy electric powered tricycles


Tricycle Brands

Tricycles are not common place in the modern market, even kids trikes have been superseded in favor of a standard bicycle with training wheels. Below are some popular tricycle brands.

Search for Gomier Tricycles.
Search for Eurotrike Tricycles.
Search for Schwinn Tricycles.
Search for All Other Brand Tricycles.

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