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Uni-Cycle Overview

Unicycles are cycles that feature just the one wheel that has pedals fixed to the wheel and a seat which is attached directly to the wheel fork. Unicycles are not intended for any specific purpose other than entertainment. Unicycles commonly feature in street busking acts where entertainers juggle whilst balancing on the Unicycle. Unicycles come in varying sizes, generally speaking the smaller the wheel the easier it is to balance on. Some unicycles such as giraffe unicycles feature an extended seat post for added challenge.

Some keen individuals have even combined the art of unicycling with other sports such as street hockey and basket ball for a truly entertaining spectacle.

Characteristics of Uni-Cycles

  • No handles.
  • One fixed wheel.
  • Slow and hard to balance.

Uni Cycle

Uni-Cycle Brands

Uni-Cycling is a niche market and hence there are not many brands to choose from. Bellow is a list of suggested Uni-Cycle brands.

Search for Torker Uni-Cycles.
Search for All Other Brand Uni-Cycles.

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