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Vintage / Classic Bike Overview

Vintage bikes are traditionally older bikes usually pre 1970's that have been refurbished. However in recent years the popularity of vintage style bikes has increased, so much so that some manufactures are starting to produce brand new vintage bikes that have the classic vintage style. Vintage cycles are generally fixed wheel cycles that have no suspension though this is not always strictly true. Often vintage bikes are able to be fitted with many accessories such as lights, pannier racks and baskets.

Because vintage bike frames are relatively stiff and they have smaller wheels than most bikes, they are not suited to rough roads.They are solely suited to flat sealed roads.

Characteristics of Vintage / Classic Bikes

  • Often restored.
  • Generally have a fixed wheel.
  • Can have leather seats or handlebars.

Vintage Bike

Vintage / Classic Bike Brands

There is a wide range of classic / vintage bike brands available, bellow is a list of popular classic / vintage brands:

Search for Allegro Vintage / Classic Bikes.
Search for Apollo Vintage / Classic Bikes.
Search for Chappelli Vintage / Classic Bikes.
Search for Nixeycles Vintage / Classic Bikes.
Search for Specialized Vintage / Classic Bikes.
Search for Schwinn Vintage / Classic Bikes.
Search for XDS Vintage / Classic Bikes.

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