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Keeping Afloat About Wetsuits

What do wetsuits and cycling have in common? Very little, unless you’re a triathlete!

Wetsuits are designed to keep bodies more buoyant, warmer and faster. Their slick surface qualities encourage a faster swim and for these reasons, they are very advantageous for triathletes to wear. That said races tend to ban triathletes from using wetsuits if the water temperature is above a certain figure; this varies from event to event but usually sits around the 26 degree mark.

Wetsuits are available in an incredible range of colours, sizes, styles, prices and to a degree, material. Some triathletes prefer to get into their wetsuits using a plastic bag (for example, by placing a foot in a plastic bag and then into the leg of the wetsuit), as their inherent ‘tight’ nature can make it a little challenging to put on sometimes!

Triathlon Wetsuit

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