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The Wilier Triestina story started back in 1906 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, where Pietra Dal Molin began to manufacture bikes.

His son continued this trade post World War I, focusing on bikes made with chromium and nickel-plating. It was however, actually following World War II, when the way of life turned to bikes for more economical means of transportation, that Wilier really blossomed. The nation turned to soccer and cycling as a means to embrace post war life, and this interest fuelled the beginning of the Tour of Italy, or the Giro d’Italia. Wilier Triestina backed a then promising young cyclist, Fiorenzo Magni (now recognised as a forefather of Italian professional cycling), who ended up winning the Giro in 1948, about the same time the business was growing momentum also in South America.

With the advent of a more industrialised and modernised global way of life of course came the rush to own motorcars, and sadly the Wilier Triestina history came to a halt in 1952. Impressively, in 1969 the brand was revived by the Gastaldello brothers, and Wilier Triestina has gone from strength to strength.

Wilier Road Bike

2014 Wilier Triestina Road Bikes:

Cento 1 Air, Cento 1SR, Cento 1SR Disc, GTS, Izoard XP, La Triestina, Zero 9, Zero.7.

2014 Wilier Triestina Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes:

Blade, Twin Blade.

2014 Wilier Triestina Fixie Bikes:

Pontevecchio, Toni Bevilacqua.

2014 Wilier Triestina 29er Mountain Bikes:

101XB, 101XN, 501XN.

2013 Wilier Triestina Road Bikes

Zero.7, Cento1SR, Zero.9, GranTurismo, IzoardXP, La Triestina, Montegrappa.

2013 Wilier Triestina Flat Bar Road Bikes

Rossano, Bassano, Marostica, Asolo.

2013 Wilier Triestina Cyclocross Bikes

La Triestina Cross.

2013 Wilier Triestina Track Bikes

Velodromo Alu.

2013 Wilier Triestina Time Trial Bikes

TwinBlade, Blade.

2013 Wilier Triestina 29er Bikes

101XN, 501XN, 503XN, 505XN, 507XN.

2013 Wilier Triestina Mountain Bikes

301XC, 303XC, 705XC, 707XC, 709XC.

2013 Wilier Triestina Fixie Bikes

Toni Bevilacqua, Pontevecchio.

2013 Wilier Triestina Electric/Power Assisted Bikes


2012 Wilier Triestina Road Bikes

Izoard XP, Izoard XP Centaur, Zero.7, Centoi Superleggera, Centoi Superleggera Racing, Centoi, Imperiale, Grantourismo, Izoard XP, La Triestina, Montegrappa.

2012 Wilier Triestina Flat Bar Road Bikes

Bassano, Rossano, Asolo, Marostica.

2012 Wilier Triestina Mountain Bikes

Centoi XC, 303XT, 303XT Mix, 501, 503 XT, 505 XT Mix, 703 XT, 705 XT Mix, 707 Deore Mix.

2012 Wilier Triestina Time Trial Bikes

Twinfoil, Blade, Pista Crono, Velodromo Carbon, Velodromo Alu.

2013 Wilier Triestina Fixie Bikes

Toni Bevilacqua, Pontevecchio.

2012 Wilier Triestina Urban Bikes


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