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The TDU Buzz

January 21, 2015

If you haven’t yet made it over to Aus for the Santos Tour Down Under, then here’s a taste of the fun and frivolity that happens on the side.

Why all the buzz?

Well, the moment you step anywhere near the Adelaide City Tour Village, you get a sense of the buzz in town. Cyclists you normally see on world news are literally walking right alongside you, getting stopped in the street. It seems like every country’s in town – foreign languages fill the summer air. Lycra is completely acceptable attire – anything dressier would pretty much look out of place. The bike bling is off the Richter scale – if it’s not the pros then it’s the seriously specked-up locals with bike and kit worthy of a photo shoot.

Teams are launching this and brands are launching that, incredible competitions are running on-tap. Even the native furry friends get up close and personal with visiting riders. And the antics abound; whether it’s a Guinness Book of Records Attempt for the longest bike, or an Undies

Run for bowel cancer; there’s always something to check out. And that’s all before the racing begins!

Welcome to the Santos Tour Down Under!

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