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Dirty Fun in Bright/Mt Beauty

May 19, 2015

Dirty Dozen

You've driven all the way to Victoria's Alpine North-East with your bikes on the rack and you're just going to leave the 4WD in the carpark?

Not a chance.

The crew at Holden was good enough to lend us a Colorado and Colorado 7 LT, which along with Leading Senior Constable Jason Hewitt, we were more than happy to take for a few 4WD sessions around the area.

Who better to take us 4 wheel-driving around Australia's Mt Beauty and Bright than a local police officer?!

Ride the Mystic while you're there: you won't regret it

Bright/Mt Beauty cater for all types of 4WDing, whether you’re a novice or high-end adventurer who enjoys getting the winches out along the way.

In his job as a local police officer, Jason or his colleagues will get called out on average once a month to ‘rescue’ adventurers who have maybe underestimated the track, their skills, or their vehicle’s capability. Jason recommends heading to the local police station before you take off, just to get a really good lay of the land and understand where the best drives might be for you.

Check out the Kona Process and the Norco Sight Carbon we had on the rack.

We took the vehicles mainly around Quinns Gap Track, which takes you to Apex Lookout where you’ll get a sensational view of Bright one direction, and the valley the other.

If you’re new to the whole idea of 4WDing, Quinns Gap Track is a great starting point. There’s a couple of sharp ascents and declines here and there, but overall it makes for fairly easy manoeuvring. You can loop this drive around to Porepunkah and then back on the main road to Bright, making it an ideal adventure if you’ve got kids and want a bit of fun, but nothing too hairy or too long.

Jason’s pick of the bunch is the track up to Clear Spot Lookout. A pretty well-named location given it offers 360 degree views of Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek; a challenging drive but still close enough to town to make it an easy adventure.

Check out our trip with Jason….

A big thanks to Holden for lending us the terrific Colorados (sorry about the mud...!).