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Australia's Best MTB Destinations - Cairns

October 28, 2015
Australia's Best MTB Destinations - Cairns

If we sat down with half a dozen of our closest riding buddies and asked them for an opinion on Australia’s premier mountain bike destination, we’re not sure any two would give the same answer. While we lack some of the huge mountain ranges found abroad, we are still spoilt for choice in each state of Australia. The process of narrowing down the places we’d most like to experience has been long and arduous. We even surprised ourselves with the plethora of options.

Mountain Biking Tropical Cairns

One of the strongest candidates, Cairns, has been recognised on a global scale in the last two years, with Australia’s first MTB World Cup last year and the guarantee of more to come. The support of the world’s best mountain bikers has only enhanced the reputation of this destination and it has recently played host to Australia’s best for the National Enduro Championships.

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MTB Trails to hit in Cairns

If you hadn’t considered Cairns before, the area has absolutely everything you could dream of for a riding holiday. If you want multiple options for riding, Smithfield MTB Park and Atherton are the two major trail networks, but the area boasts near endless possibilities. If that’s not quite enough to get you over the line, I’m sure you’ve joined us in drooling over one of North Queensland’s famous beaches on a postcard at some point in your life. Combining these two wonders of nature is almost unfair and I’m edging ever closer to ditching this article and booking flights! Aside from the two mentioned parks you can also make use of the scattering of trails around Mareeba, Port Douglas and the Daintree, as well as the Cassowary Coast.

Cairns has an abundance of world class trails, but also countless options for the family members that might not yet be two wheel inclined. I’m not sure about you, but we find it pretty hard to argue with riding endless ribbons of single track amongst some of Australia’s finest rainforest.

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