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Backstage Pass 12 - The Queen of the Pyrenees

July 17, 2015

Introduction by Nicolas Cage (A.K.A. Joachim Schoonaker).

The theme today is water.

The boys discuss the issue of crowd interaction as we see some eager spectators offering 'aid' by throwing water in their faces on the big climbs. It's a topic of hot contention: some riders are grateful for the cool down, whereas others are not so delighted. It turns out Ween Dog hates being bathed almost as much as that little chihuahua. Sveino's in the pro-splash camp, explaining that a good dowsing of the dome is the only thing that gets you through a hard climb.

Adam Yates goes on to explain water bottle etiquette, giving us great insight into how we can be better spectators:

No. 1 - Make eye contact...eye contact suggests that an exchange is about to occur.

No. 2 - Hold the bottle at an appropriate distance from the rider so they can take it from you.

No. 3 - Applaud as the contender rides away and you can be pleased that you have done your bit.

Note: There is only one rule for the rider: Don't drink it, you don't know where that has been...

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It's set to be a hot day on stage 12 as the boys prepare for the Queen stage of the Pyrenees - Lannemezan to Plateau de Beile. It's a day for the top climbers and so far the game plan is to take it easy and conserve energy for next week.

Midway through the stage, Dan Jones demonstrates correct bottle handing etiquette, but that whole idea is soon made redundant when the heavens part and the boys get cooled down whether they like it or not.

The Queen of the Pyrenees sure did throw down the gauntlet, unleashing the elements and testing the mettle of the OGE riders. But they met her match, each making it through in one piece in the end, and are looking ready for Stage 13 - Muret to Rodez.

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