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Backstage Pass 9 - TTT from the Saddle

July 13, 2015

It's all about technology today at TdF! Robbie's looking at advancements in race data collection, while Orica-GreenEDGE is trialling the new GoPro Session camera, providing us with some amazing footage of the stage right from the rider's perspective. GoPro along with Velon have been capturing footage unlike anything ever seen before in elite racing: let's not forget the mechanic cam footage that got everyone talking after the horrific crash on stage 3.

The OGE boys were hoping to push for a win on Stage 9, but their focus has changed as they are down to only 6 riders. With a rest day coming up tomorrow, it makes sense to take it easy and make the most of this time to prepare for the mountain stages to come, knowing they would still easily make it inside the cutoff time.

Check out the results from stage 9!

It's all smooth sailing until Michael Matthews looks down to find that his new GoPro has jumped ship. Julian Dean sees it as another example of OGE giving back to their supporters: someone's got a brand new camera! But they would love to see the footage if they have it.

Tomorrow they get a well earned day of rest after an incredibly challenging week. Check back on Wednesday for updates on Stage 10 as Orica-GreenEDGE heads into the mountains letting the Yates brothers loose to do what they do best, climb.

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