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The BikeExchange Bike Panel - Episode 1

November 16, 2015

Join our panel of industry experts as they answer your cycling questions to help make your ride a little bit smoother.

The BikeExchange Bike Panel

So who's in this series' panel?

Brand Manager for Shimano Cycling Australia, Toby Shingleton

Pro rider from Specialized Securitor Women's Team, Verita Stewart

Owner of 'The Angry Butcher', Bruce Howard

The BikeExchange Bike Panel answers questions sent in by you, the rider. Here are some of the key questions the expert panel will discuss.

Should there be harsher penalties for motorists involved in car vs bike accidents, regardless of whose fault it is?

At what point should you stop upgrading your current bike and buy a new one?

Buying a new bike on a budget

Which would you choose? An aero bike or a lightweight bike?

Is a power meter right for you?

And that is only the beginning! Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the first episode of the BikeExchange Bike Panel.

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