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Instant Addiction

May 18, 2015

8/3 Riverside Avenue, Bright

Bike-friendly / child-friendly

Opens daily 10.00am – 5.00pm

Visit their website here

Bright Chocolate map

You’ve not tried real chocolate until you’ve visited a place like this…

Simeon (Sim) and Shannon Crawley were into chocolate.

They loved it.

Sorting the cacao beans  only the perfect beans make it in

The more they consumed, the more interested they became in its provenance and how it was made. The more interested they became, the more information they unearthed that – frankly – had them pretty surprised about the industry and just how much chocolate was ‘handmade’ (or otherwise) here in Australia.

Whereas every second coffee lover appears to be a caffeine aficionado, or every second beer consumer an expert in the art of brewing, the mystery of chocolate is only just starting to unfold… And the Crawleys are at the forefront leading this chocolate cultural evolution.

hero image 2   peek inside Bright Chocolate Factory and Store

Bright Chocolate opened in 2013 after Sim studied Chocolate Making with the École Chocolat Academy Canada, where he learned the craft of true chocolate making (versus moulding melted chocolate). Open the bright red door to and fall into choc heaven – this place is 100 per cent committed to the art of chocolate making and the experience of authentic chocolate, versus the sickly sweet stuff that can often fill supermarket aisles.

Work up an appetite Climbing Mt. Buffalo

Although Bright Chocolate talks of ‘bean to bar’ (remaining involved in every step of the chocolate making process), the finished product isn’t exclusive to bars alone. Bright Chocolate create blocks, bars, truffles, powders, nibs; they even make a chocolate tea from the bean husks.

We enjoyed a mug of hot chocky and a chat to Shannon to find out more about Bright’s chocolate spot.

A big thanks to Handcut Productions for some of Ric’s fantastic footage in this video.