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Cervelo at the Tour de France

July 07, 2015
Cervelo at the Tour de France

Teams riding Cervelo:

MTN – Qhubeka P/B Samsung


Cervelo has gone to great lengths to make its S5 better than the previous model. According to Cervelo improvements include a 21-watt saving, 35% increase in head tube torsional stiffness, 17% increase in lateral fork stiffness and a 6% increase in bottom bracket stiffness. They have dropped the down tube to reduce drag and kept the partial seat tube cut out. These are all measures to make the S5 the most aero road bike available. Previously riders would favour the S3 over the S5 allowing for greater clearance so they could run 25mm tyres and have a more compliant ride. The S5 improvements mean that it will be the bike of choice for most riders on flat stages.

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The R5 is Cervelo’s classic road bike, engineered for stiffness and to be used as a light weight climbing option. The Cervelo R&D department have spent many years and countless hours refining and pushing the boundaries of bike design. Their triumphant creation, the R5ca Project California bike, has meant the R5 is blessed with trickle down technology that makes it a leader on the road. The R5ca frame weighs in at 667grams and combined with its overwhelming stiffness makes it one of the most advanced frames ever created. The light weight frame works with the BBright bottom bracket to make for great power transfer and overall performance.

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Cervelo’s extensive R&D department has put a lot of time into the P5, making it vastly different from any of its previous models, using Formula 1 Fluid Dynamics software to enhance the frame. A huge rear wheel cut out, and dropped down tube improve the aero profile, and there is not a brake or cable to be seen on the latest version. These changes can produce upwards of a 30-second saving across a 40km time trial. The broad tube shapes also make the P5 stand out from any other TT bike in the peloton, using the frame’s exaggerated profile to cheat the wind.

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Thanks Graham Watson for the great photos.

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