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Christmas staff picks

December 12, 2014
Christmas staff picks

We work with everything bike day in and day out… But we’d all still be super happy to get something two-wheel related under the Christmas tree! The BikeExchange team weighs in on this year’s ultimate Christmas prezzies…

Conor, Operations

These wheels just do all the right things. They are fast, durable and look the part. I'd put these on my commuting bike and start getting around a whole lot quicker. Bit easier than working on the engine...

Fulcrum Race Zero TwoWayFit

Nick, Social Media

POC gear just oozes style and it’s about time I got some myself (style, that is). The Octal helmet is what I’d like most this Christmas. In blue, preferably, so it perfectly matches the rest of my wardrobe.

Sam, Sales I’d love a hoodie for me this Christmas, but I would actually get this one for my wife.

Renae, Content + Partnerships

This would be the perfect addition to my bike collection. Great little run-around peddlie to get from A to B - add a basket and voila, instant fashion accessory!

Jason, Managing Director

I’m getting pumped about all the riding we will be doing soon at the Santos Tour Down Under. Getting this from Santa will make me feel a lot better about the bike travelling on the flight.

Jarryd, Retail Sales

I’m going for something that will be OK for Santa to get down the chimney! I’ll make it easy for the poor guy given he’s so overworked this time of year.

Brad, Sales + Marketing

This is the kind of gift Santa probably loves to give – it shouldn’t break the budget! It’s the kind of small gift that could make a big difference when travelling with the bike. Nothing worse than getting to your destination to discover your stuff’s covered in grease.

Chris, Graphic Designer

If Santa loved me, he would look after me during Crit season with this set from Lightweight.

Brooke, Communications

I made my New Year’s Resolution about a month ago when I booked into a MTB lesson and decided to go off-road a little more this season. So if Santa could just arrange to drop one of these by the tree, then I will upgrade his usual glass of milk for something with a lot more punch.