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7 Reasons to get Pedalling at Christmas

November 13, 2014
7 Reasons to get Pedalling at Christmas

Most of us need very little persuasion to get out on the bike any day of the year.

Christmas can of course be a little more complicated, and possibly a spin won't be encouraged by others (sound familiar?). Here's some persuasive reasoning for you to pass onto your partner/ family Matriarch/ head-strong Christmas planner – ideally on the 24th when they’ve a celebratory glass in their hand.

1. You need to make room for some serious carbo-loading

You wanted to save yourself for the roast turkey, but Aunt Meryl arrived with her alpha antipasto spread and you just couldn’t resist. By the time the turkey came around, it was you who was stuffed. Break the vicious circle and get out on the bike this year to whip up an appetite (and burn through the antipasto before the turkey’s even out of the oven). Look at it objectively – this way there is less food to have to cram into the fridge after.

Christmas Dinner

2. The roads are quiet(er)

No denying. Sure there are plenty of families on the go, getting to church, spreading themselves around the various in-laws and what not, but ultimately Christmas roads are quieter. Lap it up. Literally.

Quiet Road

3. The roads are nicer

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Can people get any chirpier this time of year? Where is all the road user angst? Everyone’s got their happy festive pants on. Don’t ask questions – just smile, wave and ride.

4. It’s a mad house at home

Did the kids wake up at 5am and have they been on a festive fuelled, presents-overload rampage all morning? Is someone getting stressed about trying to wrap presents like works of origami? Did you forget to vacuum before the rellies roll up (again)? Is the roasting turkey turning the house into a sauna? Are you really adding value to any of this? No. So a cheeky circuit surely isn’t going to do any harm.

5. You have three public holidays in the next eight days. Training hall passes never get any better than this

It doesn’t take a statistics whiz to do the maths – training time is a rare commodity. When you’re pretty much handed a triple training day on a platter, you take it. On your bike!

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6. The longer you delay having to sit next to (insert distant family member name here) for the next four hours, perhaps the better

Do you really have to have that conversation about Federal politics? Is it truly necessary to hear about grandma’s knee recon for a fifth time? Do we honestly want to nit-pick all the DIY jobs around the house that haven’t yet got over the line? No, no, no. Arrive in time for the tail end of the political debate, get the knee surgery executive summary and miss the DIY discussion completely.

7. The Queen does not bike ride

At least our Research Department doesn’t think she does. And it’s winter over there, so hardly ideal conditions. It’s therefore completely understandable that the Monarchy thinks we have the time and inclination to watch a speech on TV, when in fact we could be out getting some spin into the legs and thinking what a ripper day it is to ride on the 25th.

Merry Christmas.