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Get Cycling with New Year's Resolutions

December 26, 2014
Get Cycling with New Year's Resolutions

Even if you haven’t actually called them New Year’s Resolutions, when it comes to riding you’ve probably got a 2015 bucket list of goals. We got talking to colleagues and mates to find out who was committing to what on the bike, and here are some of our favourites… What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

1- Get as many veins in my legs as possible!

2- Km : Coffee ratio of at least 40

3- We had an 11-month old when the Tour rolled around this year. So next year I plan to actually watch it this time!

4- Learn to ride well enough so that I don’t have to leave 30 minutes before the Sunday bunch just to be back in time for coffee

5- Design some new kit – understated but still making a statement

6- Discover some new bike-friendly cafes

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7- This year’s resolution was to get 1,000km in the saddle each month. That was crushed when we went away for two weeks. Maybe I’ll factor in a trip for 2015 and hit that target as well!

8- Dad has spoken about the Melbourne to Warnambool since forever, so I am going to give it a go

9- Note to self: always carry a spare tube

10- Get a treadlie for the quick café runs so I don’t have to get into Lycra just for a take away!

11- Remember I have the bike on the car when I go to the supermarket post ride

12- Less lattes – more espressos

13- Upgrade. Maybe me as well as the bike…

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