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How to Stem Bleeding and Minimise Shock

August 12, 2015

Please note: the emergency services number for New Zealand is 111

None of us wants to be involved in a bike accident, but it's important to know how to handle such a situation should it eventuate. So we touched base with our friends Martin and Anthony from St John Ambulance Australia to step us through how to stem major blood loss and minimise shock resulting from a bike accident.

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1. Secure the area to prevent further danger

Before attending to the patient, the First Aiders must be sure they themselves are in no danger and that there is no chance of the patient suffering further danger. So in the unfortunate incident of Martin's real life experience, cyclists surrounded the area and alerted oncoming traffic - motorists and fellow riders - that there was an accident.

2. Respond to the patient

Ensure the patient is stabilised and minimise their movement.

3. Ring Emergency - Triple Zero

4. Apply Pressure to the Wound

You may have an arm warmer or a jacket - if it is clean then use this to apply pressure to the wound in an effort to stem the blood.

5. Treat for Shock

Lie the patient down and elevate their legs so that blood can get to one of the body's most important organs - the brain.

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