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How to Get the Right Bike Helmet for Your Kid

December 17, 2014

Is Father Christmas expected to deliver a kids' helmet under your Christmas tree this year?

If so, he'll need to know a few ins and outs to make sure he gets it right - Kaye shares some tips with us that will help steer him down the right path.

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Kids Helmets and Skate Bike Helmets

Kaye demonstrates the features of a small helmet that will fit a head about 45 – 54cm in circumference. She talks about safety standards and the new trend towards skate bike helmets as well.

The Youth Helmet and the Kids Helmet

Kaye looks at two different helmets, one aimed at older kids (or ‘youth’) and the other at younger riders. She talks about features as well as what helmet is best for what style of rider/riding.

How Do You Know it Fits?

Good question. Kaye uses a quick personal anecdote to explain why it’s nigh on impossible to fit a helmet without having the head involved in the fitting! She talks through the benefits of going to a professional helmet fitter in a bike shop.+

Good luck, Santa. You shouldn’t have any problems after hearing what Kaye has to say.

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