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Descend Like a Pro

July 01, 2015

Not everyone's a natural born downhill rider. On the contrary many a mountain goat can lose crucial time once they're over the peak and on the descent. Orica-AIS Valentina Scandolara, aka Crazy Horse, is well-placed to share great advice on how to head downhill like a pro. She shares her thoughts here.

Don't forget to train your nutrition!

  • When you approach the corner, look at the end of it, not midway through it or at your wheel. This helps you take a better line

  • Go wide before the corner

  • Balance your weight with the external pedal being down

  • Head out with someone you know is a great downhill rider and see if you can follow their line

  • Get hours and hours and hours of practice

In Valentina's words, practice is more important than talent!

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There's plenty of hills here! Get practice in Bright and Mt Beauty...