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Look at the Tour de France

July 07, 2015
Look at the Tour de France

Teams riding Look:

Bretagne – Séché Environnement

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Thanks Graham Watson for the great photo.

795 Aerolight

Look have been at the forefront of innovation with the 795 Aerolight. Riders on the Bretagne-Séché Environnement will ride either the Aerolight or Light versions. The Aerolight has an incredible 11 patents associated with it, showcasing its uniqueness. The most prominent feature would have to be the aerostem, the traditional cap being replaced by a clamp and giving the front end of the bike a completely different look. The aero meter has been turned up on this model with NACA aerofoil profile tubing throughout the frame, as well as the stem and front brake integration. The frame has retained the previously celebrated 695 light weight design, but has added the aero advantage. The shape of the frame is truly unique making it stand out from the rest of the peloton.

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Thanks Markus Koch for the great photo.

596 I-Pack

Look’s 596 TT bike has made big improvements from the 496 version. The new frame has undergone extensive change to make it 10% more aero whilst maintaining stiffness and rigidity. The Offset aero fork is a key contributor to the bikes aero approach, acting as a fairing, improving airflow. As with the 795 road bike, the frame is very distinctive. In an age where a lot of TT bikes are beginning to look the same, Look stands out from the crowd.

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