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No Other Legend Like Stuart O'Grady

October 13, 2015

Thanks to Adelaide Super-Drome and Cycling South Australia for allowing us to film at such an awesome venue.

In Shane Kelly's words there's "not any other guy you would probably call a legend..."

Stuart O'Grady spent 19 years as a pro. He has the record for competing in the most Tour de Frances (17), has worn the coveted Maillot Jaune, has won Paris-Roubaix, and has walked away with gold at the 2004 Olympic Games in the Madison event. He has even competed in more Olympic Games than Shane Kelly (6:5).

Stuart O'Grady has arguably done more on a bike than most others.

These days, he mostly spends his time in other ways – although we hear he still has a pretty sweet selection of bikes and gets out now and then. He enjoys having the time to watch his son compete in soccer; his boy is a keen goal keeper, and has surely inherited his Dad's competitive streak, which Stuie reckons has come into the clan via his mum.

In terms of his physical pedigree, Stuie's Uncle Robert Baird and his Dad raced; Stuie says he gets his speed from his uncle and his strength from his Dad.

Sitting down with Shane the two talk about their early days of racing, injuries, big wins and unforgettable losses that make a rider great. Stuie shares insight into his time racing for CSC and the madness of the survival camps; he talks about the sense of solidarity experienced racing for his favourite team and we hear about his latest venture into the hospitality industry.

It's an honest chat between two men who have reached the pinnacle of their sport – this is an episode of 'Off the Bike' like no other.

There's so much more in this exclusive interview with Shane Kelly for 'Off the Bike', we definitely recommend that you get comfortable and check out the Extended Version of this conversation between two legends of Cycling...

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