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Backstage Pass 15 - Crowds, Cameras and More Bite from Bling

July 20, 2015

Today's Backstage Pass starts on a bit of a grim note, with Matt and Jules discussing crowd behaviour and the now notorious urine incident involving Chris Froome over the weekend.

In their words, nobody deserves that kind of experience and as Durbo himself says, if you're not a fan of the Tour and don't believe in what the cyclists are doing, then just stay away. As the guys point out however, given the literal millions of fans supporting the great race, they're fortunate there's only a few idiots and that by and large everyone else is incredibly supportive.

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It doesn't take long for the tone to turn however, and we're in the bus with Bling and Pieter Weening, who is none-too impressed at the thought of carrying a camera on his bike for additional footage. Unlike Bling, who's been getting some great video and is pumped about doing something different with the sport, Pieter appears to be taking the old school approach and suggests he knows where Bling can put the camera.

Err.... Enough said!

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Bling finishes today's Backstage saying he's got to become more aggressive and take more risks, so we look forward to seeing where that might take him... Adam Yates pulls up 'knackered' from a hard day in the saddle, saying he's ready for the second and final rest day (after tomorrow) before riders then get into the Alps. Speaking of tomorrow it looks like it'll be another big day for the breakaways - stay tuned for the next Backstage Pass and we'll find out!

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