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Backstage Pass 19 - The Bronze Edition

July 25, 2015

It was a massive day in the Alps and a massive day for the Backstage Pass team.

Chef Nicki for the first time ever gets to see the boys in action. Usually he's busy in the kitchen cooking up the dishes the whole team needs to keep them going, but it just so happened that the planets aligned and Nicki got to check out the race.

But as much as we'd like to keep talking food, let's move onto Durbo's tan. Sorry - we mean sunscreen. Not sure if that was a practical joke or not, but Durbo tried out a new brand of sun protection today and turns out it also had a bronzing agent. Turns out he also had an allergic reaction. The price you pay for beauty. What's that rule about not trying something new on race day...?

It looks like the Orica-GreenEDGE team might be deliberately starting a bit of a 'twin-off' between the Yates boys, getting crowds to pick their favourite. They might be trying to drum up a bit of fun competition but it seems like it's a pretty even split so far.

And the random food bartering and sampling is back, and this time even a donkey gets a taste test... Right. Let's leave it there.

We've only got two more days left of Tour de France and two more Backstage Passes. What are we going to be doing with our nights when this is all over...?!

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