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Backstage Pass 2

July 06, 2015

Check out Stage 2 Results from last night's Tour de France

Well Simon Gerrans referred to it as an 'End of the Earth' storm that was expected to wipe through this stage of the Tour de France at pretty much the most complicated point of the route.

Daryl Impey was planning to play policeman during this Stage's racing, hooking his bike up with a camera and ready to keep riders in check with the knowledge they were being recorded...

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The Yates boys were busy bantering over who was the strongest/fastest twin and everyone was probably wondering what a difference 24 hours can make to a weather pattern.

But the team pulled through and came out the other end, with Gerro particularly impressed that he finished the race with all the skin he'd started it with.

The stand-out moment for us would have to be Matt White giving the boys a heads up about those narrow 'pah-ssages'. Apparently it's Sydney hybrid dialect.

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