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Backstage Pass 20 - Ado, Adsy and Alpe d'Huez

July 26, 2015

Those Yates twins are seriously becoming team favourites, aren't they?

Although they might be pretty much identical, sharing the same nickname is just not going to help anyone, so Durbo's taken it upon himself to sort one out from the other. Turns out Simon's got dibs on Yatesy, which leaves Durbo wondering what the options are might be for Adam. It turns out his middle name is... you guessed it... Richard. That just leaves him WAY open to far too many nickname options when it comes to a bus load of fellas thinking creatively.

But to his merit, Durbo's opened this one up to the fans and so it's over to you guys to get back to the team with Ado's new nickname. They want him christened before he rolls into the 'Champs', so get cracking.

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Otherwise Backstage Pass today goes to the guts of Alpe d'Huez, perhaps the most iconic climb in France. And boy is it crazy town up there. It's like the UN Convention with nations' fans set up along each bend, and thousands along the straights creating the most manic sounding and looking guard of honour... It's classic Tour de France mountain footage and we love it.

We finish the pass with a chat to the 22 year old twins and Whitey - all agree that the brothers are ending their first ever Tour with better legs than they started it with, so here's to next year and seeing just what they'll achieve now they've got experience under their belt as well.

One more Backstage Pass to go... We're feeling withdrawal symptoms already. How about you? Have you been loving them?

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