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Mountain Biking Gold

November 26, 2015

Distance - 210km

Elevation Gain - +3000m

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The Goldfields Track winds its way from Ballarat to Bendigo along the scenic Great Dividing Range, visiting the towns of Creswick, Daylesford, Hepburn and Castlemaine. Don’t let the vast distance of the Goldfields Track deter you; through Ballarat the trail joins the Yarrowee River Trail, which is a gentle 16km ride from Magpie to Gong Gong Reservoir.

goldfields track  2

The Yarrowee River Trail is mostly flat with some easy climbs to the northern end near Gong Gong Reservoir. Passing through many parklands, you are never short of scenery or a spot to stop and take a break. Not only does the Yarrowee River Trail provide an easy ride for the whole family, there are endless offshoots of mountain bike single trail begging to be enjoyed by the more adventurous.

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Near the northern end of the Yarrawee River Trail it parts from the Goldfields Track at Ditchfield Lane. Following the Goldfields Track, this is where is becomes far less of gravel path and turns into a natural bush track. It was about this moment I realised that taking on the whole track would make for an epic ride. 200km of bush track. This would be a great adventure although on the day I was glad to be on a much shorter ride.

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Through Ballarat the joint Goldfields Track and Yarrawee River trail gives something for everyone; a gentle ride with the family, the beginnings of an epic adventure, or a link between many single track offshoots.

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