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Behind the Scenes of Santini's New Catalogue

September 18, 2014

We love being a fly on the wall - especially at a photo shoot!

BikeExchange was lucky enough to head to Arthur's Seat in Victoria, AUS, to watch Santini Maglificio Sportivo shoot their new catalogue.

As it turned out, members of the Santini family (Paola and Monika) from Italy flew over to help make the shoot happen.

The really terrific thing about this catalogue, aside from the sensational Santini gear and the pretty spectacular Arthur's Seat, was the fact Santini had sourced real life people to model. Forget super-skinny models that look like they might blow over in a light head wind; Santini called out for genuine athletes so know their way around bikes and bike kit. The real deal.

Great work to the Santini team.

And now we can at last share what went down in the making of this year’s campaign… Enjoy our behind-the-scenes glimpse…!

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