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Meet the "Farm Gate"

July 01, 2015

Well you'd think Durbo would have cleaned his bike before stepping us through its features...!

Ha - well it is his training bike, and he was on a pretty intense training camp when we caught up with him, so he's forgiven.

Durbo takes time out to talk us through the Scott Foil, which has been with the team for the past four years, although obviously over that time there have been some alterations (the team also rides the Addict in Classics and/or in the mountains, or the Plasma for time trials).

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The Foil is a stiff and light bike, which makes it Durbo's machine of choice given he's often involved in the lead-outs.

Durbo has the largest frame on the team (58) and a 140 side stem, which is nicknamed the Farm Gate given it's so big! He prefers shallow bars which allow him to ride on the hoods or drops without too much change in his body position. Because he sits so far forward at the front of the saddle he prefers to use the time trial A1 saddle.

Other features on Durbo's Scott Foil:

Shimano 11-speed electronic

Deep saddles

175 cranks and usually an 11/28 cluster

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