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The Great Sock War Is Upon Us

February 12, 2015
The Great Sock War Is Upon Us

Road riding is no longer just about the bike. It's about the bike, the bling, the kit, and the socks. Yes - right down to the socks cyclists world-wide are showing some pretty incredible attention to detail out there, which has given rise to the...


Once upon a time, the only variation on socks was either ‘pro white’ or ‘tall black’. But similar to footy boots nowadays, people are becoming more and more expressive with their footwear choice.

Not that I have run the numbers, but I dare say there has been a correlation between the increase in matte black frames, with no decal deep dish black wheels and black accessories – and the vibrancy of sock choice. This black-on-black-on-black trend gives rise to the ‘floating sock’ optical illusion created nowadays as people cruise on by with their high cut, fluro ankle warmers.

So what are the rules of engagement if you’re a cycling soldier in the Great Sock War?

1 – make sure they sit below the calf
2 – make sure they sit above the ankle
3- with the exception of Rules 1 and 2, this war is a free-for-all

Whether you are looking to be ‘matchy matchy’ with your kit, or create a clash effect to highlight your pulsating, rope-like orbs (otherwise known as calves) the options are endless. Aside from the array of ‘look at me’ colours, and tricky geometric patterns, you can even get socks with your favourite Ninja Turtle or breakfast cereal!

New sock day gives a feel-good factor not quite equal to that of new bike day; but at about 1% of the cost, this is a winner every time in my book.

Start your sock battling collection now!