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Specialized Road & Mountain Bikes

September 15, 2015
Specialized Road & Mountain Bikes

The New Zealand bike market is packed with many excellent choices. It can be hard to know where to turn. That’s why we created the BikeExchange NZ community and marketplace. It brings bike riders, companies, bike shops, and services together on one place. It’s a great place learn more about the best bike brands out there, like Specialized.

An American brand that has seen huge growth and critical acclaim over the past few years, Specialized offers some of the most comfortable, custom-fit bikes around. Their philosophy is to adjust every aspect of a bike so that it fits the rider perfectly. They know that if your bike feels and works perfectly, you’ll ride longer. And faster. And harder.

What better advertising than breathless, sweat-soaked customers with a big grin on their face, ready to head out on the road or trail again?

There are all sorts of biking riders out there. Today we wanted to focus on two types:

• Road bike fans

• Mountain bike fans

Specialized has these two market slots covered with dozens of different models.

Road Bikes

Many bike manufacturers build road bikes. But few build them as specialised as Specialized. They have several sub-categories of road bikes that cover every need and every type of rider:

Competitive road: Designed to cheat the wind with aerodynamic frames, a reduced drag, and an extremely light weight, a competitive road bike from Specialized is built for all the speed you can muster.

Endurance: What is the biggest deterrent to long-distance endurance biking? Rider fatigue. Specialized minimises fatigue by combining the best materials, intelligent design, and optimal riding position.

Triathlon: Such an intense race requires a pretty special bike. Built for speed and handling, the good looks and modern styling of a Specialized triathlon bike are a nice bonus.

Mountain Bikes


Some bike manufacturers treat their mountain bikes as ‘all-purpose’ off-road bikes. But Specialized has gone a step further in creating specific model classes of mountain bikes targeted at a specific style of riding:

Recreational: Rarely have so many leading-edge features been available on a recreational bike. You can choose from composite and alloy frames, disc brakes, and multiple suspension systems.

Trail bikes: We have yet to find a trail that a Specialized trail bike can’t handle. We doubt you will either, but you’ll sure enjoy trying. They’re light, robust, and maneuverable.

Downhill: These mountain bikes work well to get you to the top, but especially shine on the way down. They’re engineered and spec’d to world-class downhill competition standards.

It’s a shame to stop now, as Specialized has tons of other models in their catalogue. But for now, we’ll let you pour over their excellent lineups of road bikes and mountain bikes. Sit back, relax, and take your time comparing and learning more about these excellent bikes. You can find examples of these and all other Specialized bikes right here in our marketplace, which covers all of New Zealand.

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