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Getting Kitted for Spring

September 08, 2014
Getting Kitted for Spring

Hello spring and hello riding outside again! We are stoked to get back out on the bike and get the legs rolling. But just because it’s spring doesn’t mean we’re quite at jersey and knicks stage! The chill will be around for a while yet, so here’s how to ride spring style.

1. Jacket (or Gilet)

If you’re going to nail one item of clothing in spring, this would be it. A quality wind-proof, water-resistant shell jacket that will look after you when you first roll out, but can be bundled up into next to nothing the moment you warm up and no longer need it.

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2. Short-sleeve base layers

Just because there’s sunshine doesn’t mean that chill in the air is gone. It’s definitely not summer so base layers are still going to be a necessity, but you can afford to opt for the short sleeve bases now versus the full length numbers.

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3. Warmers

Do away with the long-sleeved jackets and knicks and opt for short kits instead. Keep your otherwise now exposed limbs warm with arm and/or leg warmers. Again – once you get going and you warm up these can easily be peeled off, rolled up and tucked away in your back pocket.

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4. Toe covers and mitts

You don’t need the full-on booties now that really harsh weather has gone. Instead you can look at toe covers (or simply a double pair of socks). Ditto for the hands – you’d probably still want full-finger mitts for the time being, but they no longer have to be industrial strength! Instead go for lighter woollen options that will keep your fingers and hands snug, but not have them over-heating in the first five minutes.

Check out toe covers and mitts here.

5. Extras

Now it’s getting warmer you might find yourself taking in more fluid than you did during your winter roads. Indeed, if you’re spending longer periods out in the saddle then for sure you will need more water. Start to think about an extra bidon now, or carry some spare cash to replenish fluids along the way if need’s be.

Also – remember with spring usually comes rain. If roads are wet then unfortunately the chances of a flat increase, so consider packing two spare tubes and canisters. We’re not pessimists – just pragmatists!

And as a side note, remember a lot of new cyclists tend to get inspired and come out in spring. If you’re new and you’re road riding, then head to less traffic-congested areas so you can get familiar with your bike and the environment around you. If you’re an experienced rider, just remember everyone’s new to the sport once. Be aware, be tolerant; be safe.

Happy spring riding, all!