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Tour Tech Talk - Lazer

June 25, 2015
Tour Tech Talk - Lazer

Lotto Soudal riders will use both the Lazer Z1 and Lazer Z1 FAST helmets depending on the stage and rider preference. For individual and team time-trials the riders have the choice of the Lazer WASP and Lazer WASP AIR. Most riders use the WASP AIR.

Special edition helmets will be custom made for all the classifications during the tour. If a rider happens to be ranked # 1 for the sprinters, king of the mountain or the general classification, they will have a helmet to match.

National champions like Andre Greipel get a custom helmet all year long.

Lazer Z1

Think about your current helmet; now imagine it lighter, with a more comfortable fit system, better ventilation, an additional (optional) aeroshell and improved side impact protection.

That is what the Lazer Z1 offers.

  • Used by Lotto Soudal riders on hotter days

  • Lighter, more ventilated, better protection and more comfortable

  • Wind tunnel tested

  • RBS internal reinforcement system

  • 31 vents

  • ARS retention system with adjustable head basket

  • In-mold (4 piece) construction

  • 220g (S)

Bike2016 Z1 red white 34 rgb HR Jpeg

Lazer Z1 FAST

This is a Z1 minus the vents on the front to be as AERO as possible. The Lazer Z1 FAST helmet has an integrated and non-removable cover that is attached to the EPS liner, to create an unbeatable advantage.

  • Used by Lotto Soudal riders where aero is the preference

  • FAST has the same features as the Z1

  • But only 10 vents (rear of the helmet)


The Lazer Wasp Air IS is a shorter version of the Wasp helmet designed to meet the needs of triathlon, track- and TT riders. - The 'IS' part of the name refers to the Inclination Sensor, a new tool that Lazer developed to keep the rider’s head in the perfect position for maximum gains. After setting up the sensor, based on the rider’s ideal position, it tracks the position of the helmet and provides a signal if the helmet deviates from this position. - The result of extensive wind tunnel testing

Wasp Air Black

Everything about the helmet is shaped around the rider’s position and finding the maximum aerodynamic gains.

  • Used by riders in Time trials.

  • Integrated visors (clear and mirror included)

Lotto Soudal use the IS to perfect their fit and train in the right position.

Vegard Breen   2014 TT Champion NORWAY  1

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