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Yeti Mountain Bikes

September 09, 2015
Yeti Mountain Bikes

Let’s get this out of the way from the start: Yeti Cycles builds one kind of bike. And they do it very well. An American-boutique bike manufacturer based in Colorado, Yeti has always concentrated on building the best mountain bikes. They don’t do road bikes. Or track bikes. Or city bikes. Or hybrid bikes. They don’t have anything against those other bikes, they just aren’t interested in building them.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, really excite them. You only have to take a look at their different models, designed for the harshest of off-road conditions, to understand their passion.

All of Yeti’s employees are mountain bike fans. We imagine it’s the first question asked during a job interview there. They build their own prototypes and then take them out for real-world testing. There’s no better way to ensure your products meet your standards than to test them yourself!

From frame design to brake adjustments, from bearing feel to suspension settings, every single detail is carefully planned and controlled. The result is a mountain bike that can compete with the best out there. Tested and certified on the treacherous hills of Colorado, a Yeti mountain bike has what it takes to tackle the equally intense and savage trails of New Zealand.

The Yeti Exists

Stories of the ‘Yeti,’ a mythical creature (or is it real?!) have existed for ages. A tough beast able to withstand the harshest terrains and conditions, the Yeti earns our respect. The same goes for Yeti mountain bikes. They can be found in the most aggressive biking regions of the world, but they never complain. Designed for climbing rocks, wading through water, powering through mud and sand, and navigating through forests and hills, Yeti mountain bikes are put through the test, day after day.

To ensure the best experience possible, Yeti Cycles has built an impressive team to design and manufacture their bikes:

Engineers: These are the guys that come up with the wildest ideas possible.

Mechanics and fabricators: They tell the engineers they’re crazy, and then run with their ideas.

Test riders: Their job is to break the bikes, so they can be made even better.

Racers: The racers give their feedback on what works well, and what needs tweaking.

Close communication between these team members means that Yeti can quickly and precisely update and improve their bikes and create the best mountain bike for the market. Their bikes are all rugged and meant for intense off-road riding, so you can’t go wrong with any model.

That leaves you the option to choose the style, size, and options that best suit your riding style.

Yeti does hardtail and adjustable full-suspension, and builds all their mountain bikes with reliable and powerful disc brakes. Only the highest quality, grippiest tyres are used, because you’ll be tempted to take your Yeti to some pretty wild places. A full range of colours is available to choose from, because there’s no shame in wanting a good-looking mountain bike — as long as you can accept that it will spend most of its time covered in mud!

If you’re not looking for a mountain bike, don’t fret, there are tons of other manufacturers on the New Zealand biking scene for you. But if you have your heart set on a true mountain bike, do yourself a favour and check out all the Yeti bikes available in the marketplace right here at BikeExchange. They’re not for the faint of heart, they’re for the ‘Yeti’ among us!

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